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About us

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DarlingChinese, found in 2015 and attached to Beijing Rongdinghui Technology Company, is a online institute and platform professed in overseas Chinese learning, which has already helped more than 2000 foreign Chinese children and foreign children to experience one to one Chinese learning

the platform has  specially developed a whole set of teaching systems and methods suitable for overseas children to learn Chinese, so that the students can master the pure Chinese faster and better and build confidence in speaking Chinese. At the same time they can fall in love with Chinese and harvest growth

company prospect

love Chinese and harvest growth

teaching method

「Darling Chinese」help the students to achieve their study targets by the scientific and effective teaching method combination

1、scientific evaluation

evaluated by professional teachers and locate your child’s Chinese level


individualized teaching and varieties of interaction forms make learning Chinese a happy thing

building teachers and student evaluation system help the children to correct mistakes and improve teaching quality

4、after class exercise

help children to consolidate study contents and develop good study habits

5、AI study trace

trace the children’s study data, make a report and correspodent individualized teaching scheme

Beijing Rongdinghui Technology & Development Co. ,Ltd Beijing-ICP prepared No.20019776-1   

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