About us

About Us

Founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Beijing Rongdinghui Technology Co., Ltd., Darling Chinese is a professional online Chinese education provider for foreign children, which has conducted online 1-on-1 Chinese teaching for 2,000+ children from overseas Chinese families and foreign families.

Darling Chinese has developed a holistic teaching system and methods exclusively for overseas children to learn Chinese, so that the learners can master pure Chinese more effectively, and build up their confidence in speaking the language. They will fall in love with learning Chinese and witness their growth!

Corporate Vision

Fall in Love with Learning Chinese and Witness Your Growth!

Teaching Method

Darling Chinese helps learners achieve their learning goals through a combination of scientific and effective teaching methods.

1. Scientific Assessment

Chinese level of your child is assessed and accurately identified by professional teachers.

2. Interactive Class

Chinese courses are injected with joy by Teaching in accordance with the learner´s aptitude and diversified interactive forms.

3. Class Feedback

Evaluation system is built for both the teachers and the learners to promote learning mistakes correction and teaching quality improvement.

4. After-class Exercises

Learning contents can be consolidated and good study habit can be boosted.

5. AI Tracking

Learning data are traceable and regular reports are generated for a customized teaching plan.

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