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Computer for taking class / Tablet PC / iPad Configuration Requirements

  • 01

    operation system requirment

    Windows7 above operation system
    Apple Mac OS(apple system)
    iPad IOS 9.0 /Android Pad system version 4.4 above

  • 02

    headset requirment :

    recommend USB headset if you use desktops and laptops

  • 03

    network operator :

    recommend stable communication operator

  • 04

    network connection requirment :

    internet cable –connect computers with internet cables(full wifi bars the best)

  • 05

    class announcement:

    It is forbidden to plug or unplug headphones during the class. If you do, you need to restart the class software or browser
    your family can not watch movies or download when you are taking classes;
    you have to contact the assistant teacher to test the network if you change the equipment or network

other tools download

plusapp plus3.2 client download

hardware requirment:iPad air or above
software system:iOS 9.0 or higher version
download method:search plusapp in App Store or click the download immediately button。

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