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Computer Used for Class / Tablet Device / iPad Configuration Requirements

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    Operating System Requirements

    Windows 7 or above operating system
    Apple Mac OS
    iPad IOS 9.0 /Android Pad system version 4.4 or above

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    Headset Requirements:

    USB headset recommended for desktop and laptop

  • 03

    Network Operator:

    Recommended to use stable local network communication operators.

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    Network Connection Requirements:

    Network cable - use a network cable to connect to the computer (full signal is best for wireless network)

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    Precautions during the Class:

    No plugging or unplugging headphones during the class, you need to restart the class software or the browser if you have done so.
    Family members are not allowed to use the internet to watch movies or download them during class.
    If you need change the class equipment or network, please contact the teaching assistant to test the network.

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Talk-Cloud Plus 3.2 Client Download

Hardware Requirement: iPad air or above
Software system: IOS 9.0 or above
How to Download: Search for "Talk-Cloud Plus" in the App Store, or click the "Download Now" button below to download.

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